Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta


I am Akash, I am a Graphic designer and 3D artist from Lucknow, India.
I specialize in social media and web content but can also help you in most of the graphic design needs.

Before finding my passion in designing, I have worked in various industries. Which helped me gain and improve my set of skills, both soft and hard. Some of them are strong communication, critical thinking, problem solving, team management, social media management, designing, video editing etc. These skills have come in handy to provide better results and I have majorly been successful in making brands and businesses get result they needed.

What will I be posting here?

I will be posting plenty of stuff which I am interested in which includes – human behaviour, psychology, philosophy, marketing, designing, sales and other stuff.
Some stuff about my life till date and various other expects like lessons I learned from my mistakes, reviews and some how to guides.

Some important points – this website stuff isn’t just my portfolio. It’s like my mind dump. as mentioned above I will be writing and sharing plenty stuff which I am all curious about. 

I haven’t niched down yet, might do so with time but got no plans yet, as I have found all of these things connected to each other which not only makes me better suited for work but also makes me a better person. Having knowledge and experience of various things which come handy in day to day tasks to makes things easier and makes a person wise by time.

Also I am an open minded person. Who is always open for criticism and feedback so I can work on improving stuff. As with time I have learnt one thing that we evolve everyday – stuff which We may think is right today might be wrong tomorrow. That’s how evolution happened right?