Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta

How I got started with 3D in 20 days

How I got started with 3D in 20 days

It was lockdown and we all were stuck in our homes, doing the same things over and over. Some of you might be doing interesting things, but I was exhausted and irritated. So I decided to take a break from all project work and other responsibilities.

While scrolling through Instagram, I came across some 3D designs that got my attention. They were so surreal and beautiful that I spent the entire day browsing 3D art and artist pages.

I was immediately drawn to it and said yes! That is something I must learn. You may have been in a similar situation.

So I went to Youtube and searched for “how to make 3D art,” “how to get started with 3D designs,” and other keywords. I got stuck in a rabbit hole.

I was genuinely confused as to which tool to use to get started. My mind was racing with questions like, “Can I really do that?” Suppose I couldn’t?

After a long night of searching. I chose Blender because it is free and simple to use for beginners, as most people suggested.

The next challenge was selecting the most appropriate tutorial to begin with. After much thought and consideration, I chose Blender Guru (Andrew Price) – 3D Donut Tutorial

The very next day, I opened my laptop and went to Blender’s official website to download the tool.

And began working, It took me about 15 days to understand the tool and that tutorial, and another 5 days to finish it without using the tutorial.

I was extremely happy when I saw the results, and I especially enjoyed the process, so there was no stopping me after that.

Some between the 3D modelling process screenshots:

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