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Name correction process in IndiGo airlines

Name correction process in IndiGo airlines 1

One friend of mine asked me to book flight tickets of mine. I booked it via Paytm. But, when the confirmation mail came, I found that I had made a spelling mistake in his name.

I panicked that approx. 50% would be deducted as cancellation charges. Then I have to book again with the correct details.

I started searching on the Indigo website and various Google search results, but none were in my favor.

IndiGo FAQ regarding the query – https://www.goindigo.in/travel-information/en/ticket-modifications.html

All mentioned that there is no proper process online or guidelines regarding the name correction & charges will still occur, etc.

What I did was I called Indigo customer care. Firstly they asked for the PNR number and did verification. After that, they told me they could correct if a name mistake is minor, like only 2-3 alphabets are wrong. But in my case, the whole name sounded wrong.

The Indigo helpline executive asked me to book another ticket of the same flight with the correct details within 3 hours of the previous booking, then give them a call (IndiGo customer care). Then they will initiate the refund of the whole amount of the previous ticket.

Well, that was a relief. I booked the tickets and checked the details twice this time. Then called them back and told them both the PNR number and cancellation process was done. They told me the first amount with charges deducted would be credited then after a while rest amount. \

Then when there mail came, I noticed only the base fare was getting refunded, then I again called to clear the doubt.

They informed me that convenience and agent fee isn’t refunded from there side and it depends on the agent & whole refund process may take upto 5-7 working days.

After 48 hours I had to contact Paytm support for confirmation which they did within 4 hours and the refund got credited in 6 days.

IndiGo name correction process

Call their customer care and tell the details if minor it will be corrected. If major change then you have to book a new flight ticket with same details within 3 hours of previous booking & share both PNR numbers details with them they will refund the whole amount.

Where amount is Indigo flight cancellation amount is refunded?

If agent like Paytm, Amazon, etc – then it will first go to the agent then to your source account.

If direct from indigo website – https://www.goindigo.in/ then to your source account.

How much times it takes to get Indigo flight cancellation amount refunded to the bank?

It takes up to 5-7 working days.

Do we get any confirmation mail regarding the Indigo flight cancellation and refund?


IndiGo flights customer care details

India : 0124-6173838, 0124-4973838

More details can be found on – https://www.goindigo.in/contact-us.html

IndiGo official website

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